Paint-it™ is a service that provides painting services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors of Pakistan in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Core Services

Interior Painting

PaintIt offers a complete range of interior painting services. For our experienced and professional team… Learn More


Furniture cleaning and polishing services are essential to restore the original beauty of your carpentry… Learn More

Wood Polishing

Commercial painting service is a wonderful addition to what we do at PaintIt .… Learn More

Exterior Painting

Whether you are simply updating your exterior to refresh your appearance or seeking to be creative… Learn More

Wood Polishing

Our painting service involves meeting with your site management and team to ensure that the work is done safely, in a… Learn More

Wood Polishing

Our painting team is ready to help you find the color that helps you get the look you want in your space… Learn More

Why Choose PaintIt?

With so many painting contractors to choose from, why would you choose us? First, if you ever worked with us before, you know why, but for those who have not, allow us to explain.

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