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At PaintIt, we offer comprehensive cleaning, coating and epoxy floor protection services for industries. And our experts offer you the customized, durable solution you need at a price you will love.

Above all, our epoxy flooring services offer an attractive surface that is resistant to wear and damage.

And we work with your site management and team to ensure that the work is done safely, in a controlled and structured manner. And we know that this type of work often cannot be done during normal operating hours.

Therefore, in addition to the normal operating hours, also offer a service on weekends, evenings or downtimes. And we understand that continuity is not always possible; production requirements can change in the short term, and therefore offer a flexible approach to dealing with this type of work.

Epoxy Floor

If your property contains concrete floors, an epoxy floor coating can provide the protection you need. So, choosing an epoxy floor coating has many advantages, including long-lasting toughness that significantly extends the life of your floors and ultimately saves you money.

Therefore, with the right epoxy floor coating service, you can rely on your floors for years.

We use high quality, durable epoxy. It offers excellent abrasion, excellent mechanical properties and at the same time resistance of concrete floors to mild acids, bases and other chemicals. And it was specially developed to ensure quick drying and long working hours for easy use.

Moreover, it can be used at low temperatures to provide durable, colorful surfaces that are suitable for heavy foot traffic and rubber-tired vehicles. It hardens to a smooth, satin finish that is easy to clean.

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